This afternoon I received the nail polishes and brushes I ordered on KIKO‘s website last thursday.
I was thinking about buying brushes for a while (to make dots, stripes and so on) and I went on Pshiiit who advices Kiko’s brushes and I called My friend Conceptualist Hic whom I know she uses their polishes to askwhat she thinks about them.
I bought each brush 1,5 € and the polishes was 2,5 € each but there was a promotion with the 5th offered if you buy 4 ones.
I tried them all very quickly; to sum up :

- quick delivery (1 day before the deadline they gave me)
– good packaging
– forgot the gift I was supposed to receive
1 good surprise : the yellow polish is less pale than I was worrying (I hesitated to buy it)

- 2 bad surprises : the turquoise blue turned out to be a sky blue and the roof tail lacquer doesn’t make any effect, it’s just mate
– generally, the colors are a bit to light, they lack of pigments so you have to wear at least 2 layers
– it’s easy to apply, smooth
I tried one brush and have been a bit disapointed since I haven’t been able to make good dots with it but I have 0 technique so it must be my entire fault.
I’ll tell you more later, once I make a new manicure.
If you have any advice, any idea, I take it!

See you.

7 réflexions sur “KIKO, KIKO, KIKO

  1. Olà, me gustan los colores pero tengo una mala sorprensa esta noche.
    Los colores que he applicado ayer han contaminado mis uñas pues ahora son naranjos.
    Por lo menos los colores eran bastante buenas.
    Hasta pronto.


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